Stanage edge inversion

After working three Saturdays on the trot I finally had a Saturday off to head to the peaks (hurrah) and as luck would have it there was a good chance of an inversion (double hurrah)

So despite getting up at 4:30am all week for work I was determined for an early start and set off to the peaks at about 5:30am with the initial plan of heading up kinder scout, however after passing through the fog near surprise view car park and heading into Hope the fog was all behind me, so after discussing with myself for a few minutes (arguing) I decided to turnaround and head to Stanage edge car park. After creeping through thick fog I eventually popped out into clear skies.

I pulled over for a quick pic

After parking up in an unusually busy car park for that time off morning I set off up towards High Neb.

View from High Neb
View from High Neb
View from High Neb
View from High Neb

I could not believe my luck as I was completely surrounded by inversions ((triple hurrah) I’ll stop that now) After taking several photos I could see that the wind was blowing higher mist/fog in and it wasn’t long until I was enveloped in mist (boooo!) Oh well I thought it was fun while it lasted.

So I decided to head of the see the new stanage pole, on my way it dropped a little chilly so I wrapped up pretty well. (The following photo may scare small children)

Stand & deliver your money or your wife
New stanage pole
New stanage pole

After visiting the new pole I headed back to the edge and low and behold the skies had cleared once again and I was greeted with the best inversion I have ever seen, to say I was happy would be an understatement.


With the sun behind me I knew there was a chance of a brocken spectre so I headed to an outcrop and there below me was the brocken spectre I had been looking for.

Brocken spectre

After taking several photos on different settings a group off lads approached and said “crikey you’re brave going out there” I looked down and the wind had blown the mist onto the rock and it had frozen (d’oh) oh well I said looks like I’ll have to wait till spring. After carefully making my way off the outcrop I wandered along the edge some more taking lots of photos (76+) and eventually made my way below the edge and yet more photos.

Notoriously difficult to photo fog bow
Its that famous grouse again

Whilst I was busy snapping away I received an invite for coffee at the Crowthers, which is always welcome a cracking couple, so I headed back along the bottom of the edge still snapping away.

Mountain bikers on the edge

Once back at the car I drove up winnats pass in fog but once at the top it was clear and it was clear on the western side of the peaks. Once at the Crowthers coffee and a good chat was had to finish of a unbelievably good day in the peak district.

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