My first brocken spectre.

During September and October I decided to concentrate on some photo walks, this saw me up on Bamford edge on a Friday evening capturing the sunset. As the evening was drawing in I noticed telltale signs that there was a good chance of an inversion in the morning (I had read a blog by Terry Abraham @terrybnd on the signs of a potential inversion)


So after the sun had set I headed home and set my alarm for what I thought was an early start.


I arrived at the bottom of Mam tor at 7 am in thick fog, after parking in the spaces on the roadside I quickly made my way up towards the summit.


On the way up towards the summit I looked to my left and low and behold my first brocken spectre: -) after taking several pics and waving my arms about I proceeded on to the summit.


Upon reaching the summit I came across a lot of photographers all taking photos of various directions.


After speaking to a few photographers (well the friendly ones) I realised that my early and their early are different by about 2 hours.


After several more pics and chats I made my way along the great ridge to Lose hill and there I was greeted with a fogbow.


After a while admiring the conditions I eventually made my way down and proceeded to walk above winnats pass and Cave DaleΒ  then back to the car. All in all it was a cracking day.

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