My Highlights of 2016

In March I decided a trip to the lakes would be in order, mainly to hopefully catch the last of winter, but also to show support to the lakes following on from the horrendous flooding of the winter.

During this trip I experienced a white out up Blencathra,which on it’s own wasn’t too bad however I did managed to unknowingly drop a trekking pole and subsequently took the wrong path when I went looking for it,however I did correct myself and found the pole(hurrah).

Whilst frequenting the pubs of Keswick (or as I like to call it supporting the local economy) I bumped into Terry Abraham & his mate Dan Richards & they joined me in supporting the local economy πŸ˜‰

During the month of April I purchased a new car/van & had a camper conversion made for it, thanks to James Boulter for the inspiration πŸ‘

So towards the end of April & the beginning of May i took the camper on its maiden voyage to the Crowden c&c site & was immedietly hooked to this type of accommodation.

On May the 14th I once again made my way back to the lakes for the premiere of Life of a Mountain Blencathra,after a brief chat with Terry Abraham outside I went in and “accidentally” got a free drink of the specially brewed ale for the occasion, but don’t tell anyone. The film was brilliant and I highly recommend it. Afterwards I met up with Cath Wells (@wellycath) & Matthew King (@hillplodder) for a few drinks & a chat.

At the end of May me & my camper went to the Knight Stainforth campsite just outside Settle,crikey it was busy,it was a bank holiday so was to be expected but once you escaped the campsite the crowds soon disappeared.

The beginning of June saw me once again heading back to the lakes,this time it was for my fortnight holiday & to get some hill fitness for the upcoming 10 in 10 challenge, it was a cracking 2 weeks with plenty of ale & hill walking .

The 24th of June saw me heading back up to the lakes to meet up with team social hiking for the annual 10 peaks in 10 hours challenge in aid of MS, doing the 10 this year were Jilly Sherlock, Tim Cooper ,Richard Flint & myself. As always it was a cracking event & get together πŸ‘

The beginning of July saw me head to the lakes again, this time however I was going to explore the langdale area of the lakes & sample several beers in the old dungeon ghyll, once again the weather played ball (apart from the wind which snapped an awning pole) and I managed several walks around the area, on the way back home I stopped off to walk to high cup Nick as I was told it was a stunning sight & you know what they were correct.

Yes i did fit through πŸ˜‰

September saw me with a week off so I decided to head to south Wales to do the four falls walk,this was only to be a brief visit so I wild vanned overnight did the walk & returned home.

The reason for such a short trip to Wales was that I wanted to have a crack at bikepacking, so after getting the gear together I set of from home & headed into the peaks following ex-railway tracks,have to say I am hooked & can’t wait to do more.

October saw me heading south for a change,this was for the social hiking weekend in Dartmoor,I don’t normally do group things however this was a cracking weekend exploring a different area of BritainπŸ‘

So far I’ve not talked about days in the peaks, however I will make an exception for one of the best days in the peaks I’ve had,on the 26th of November it was a total inversion fest.

On the same weekend as the inversion fest I also managed to get my first ever hole in one at golf on the Sunday

So 2016 is nearly over, I’ve had a cracking year & met some cracking people, some I’ve met before & some for the first time (mainly through social hiking & twitter) bring on 2017 let’s see if I can improve on this years highlights, if my plans come to fruition then it should be a cracker.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all the people who’ve been involved in making 2016 a good year πŸ‘


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