Scale force wander

Buttermere looking good

Day three of my holiday in the lakes and it was the first and last time I would use my car for a fortnight. I drove the relatively short distance to Buttermere with a plan to climb Scale force.

Crummock water

This was a relatively short walk but was mainly about climbing the waterfall to get some pics of the upper falls.

Scale force

It was my brother’s birthday today and i received a text message from Australia thanking me for his birthday card (they emigrated a couple of years ago and he was my walking/climbing partner) so i told him i was going to climb a waterfall (trying to tempt them back homeπŸ˜‰).

Scale force

Upon reaching the waterfall (after wading through bracken & checking for ticks) i took a few photos from the bottom of the falls before stowing my gear securely ready for the climb (I’m always a bit more careful as a solo walker) the climb itself wasn’t too bad perhaps on a scale with gordale scar scramble, except perhaps a bit wetter. Once i had slipped and slided my way up i began to take some pics (the water was quite deep).

After squirming my way down the fall i began the trek back, as per usual i managed to slip and land quite heavy on my backside d’oh (this seems to happen quite a lot to me). A quick stop off at the cafe for a sausage cob and i made my way back to the campsite. image

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