Wait, what do you mean there’s a train, ffs we’ve just backpacked the Settle to Carlisle way 😁

From Settle to Carlisle via as many pubs as possible 🀣

Day 1

Settle to Crag Hill Farm

Off we go!!!!!
Weir are we?
i used to like tractors, but now I’m an extractor fan

Day 2

Crag Hill Farm to Ribblehead Viaduct


Day 3

Ribblehead Viaduct to Yore House

oh cock

Day 4

Yore House to Kirkby Stephen

Day 5

Kirkby Stephen to Appleby

Day 6

Appleby to Kirkby Thore

A very overgrown trail
A very nice man brought us cake, Thanks Nick

Day 7

Kirkby Thore to Little Selkeld

Teddy the dog

Day 8

Little Selkeld to Dry Beck Farm

Day 9

Dry Beck Farm to Carlisle

Day 10

Carlisle to Settle


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