Guest Blog post by Dr Jordan. Your guide to being an Epic Wild Walker


So you’ve been walking all your life, but have you been WILD walking? No, this is a totally new, never before marketed wild epic activity created in 2020!! Follow this 6-step guide to get your wild walk on!!!

  1. Find a wild location, this is hard. To be truly wild you must not be able to see another walker, house or road, a path is ok if you are getting started.
  2. Have the right gear – you have to do this under your own steam, no artificial modifications like a bicycle to make it easier. Get dressed up in your favorite walking colors and artificial clothing, brighter and newer is better, don’t be mistaken for a rambler.
  3. Know where you are going, or at least the right direction and don’t forget to hit record on your gps, phone or watch you are going to want that route for your EWW blog post later.
  4. Walk on the Wildside. Ladies out there don’t be scared you are probably more safe EWW than walking down a busy street!!!!
  5. Leave no trace, always hike with a trowel incase the call of nature gets all too pressing while you are EWW. Tie the trowel onto the back of your pack to make sure other walkers know you are a responsible wild walker not just any old rambler.
  6. To complete your EWW don’t forget to take a picture of where you walked showing your epic leave no trace abilities. No tweet or gram; it didn’t happen.

To get more from EWW can be combined with Epic Wild Swimming or even Epic Wild Camping for an even more epic adventure. Make it micro and have a go at EWW for an hour after work or Staywalk by finding your local EWW spots. Spice up your Wild walk with a wild climb or a wild scramble the wild options are endless.

Dr Jordan

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