Two pubs, a cafe & a lost & found dog all on the Ullswater High way

I decided that I needed a reasonably long walk to try and get some fitness in my legs, so seeing the Ullswater way on Twitter I decided to do this route. So after work on Friday I drove up to Glenridding which was to be my start point.

After visiting the pub on Friday my start was delayed until 9am, so off I went in a anti-clockwise* direction it wasn’t too long before i found the path.

(*I originally put clockwise = twonk)

The weather was warm and cloudy and I was making good progress on good quality paths with cracking views of the lake and mountains.

Can you spot the deer below ⬇⬇

It wasn’t too long before I started the climb up to cockpit and the stone circle.

On my way down from cockpit I met a guy who was frantically shouting for his dog Tizzy, a Springer spaniel who was there one minute & gone the next, I said I’d keep my eye out for it & on the way down I found Tizzy running up & down the path, I managed to get the guys attention & sent the dog up the path to him πŸ‘

It wasn’t long before I reached Pooley bridge & a much needed pint.

The second half of the route was much quieter than the first & across fields rather than hard paths. The views back towards the mountains where excellent.

Moooooooooove please

The final climb of the day was up to Gowbarrow fell and felt like a bit of a slog after 17 miles of walking.

After Gowbarrow the path drops down into Aira force and unsurprisingly this was much busier so I didn’t linger too long, that is until I reached the cafe at the bottom for coffee and cake.

The final stretches of the way went by pretty quick fuelled by the coffee and cake to the final pub of the day, the Travellers rest and much welcomed beer(s) and food.


  1. Clockwise? I think you must have a strange clock. Surely from this description you were going anti-clockwise. But mere pedantry! It’s a lovely area with many fabulozy views.

    And good going doing it in a single day. 😊


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