A wander to the Steall waterfalls

For my 40th birthday i decided to run away to Scotland for a few days ( i didn’t actually run i drove up its a lot quicker) the Glen Nevis campsite was my destination perfectly located for some wandering in the hills.

Glen nevis looking good

As i awoke on my first day i could see that Ben Nevis was covered in cloud so i studied the map (looked at it) and decided that there was a riverside walk that would take me to the falls direct from the campsite.

Good to be back in the mountains

So i got all my gear together and set off on what i thought would be a nice gentle stroll along the river to the falls, i couldn’t have been more wrong, what i thought was a gentle stroll turned into a bit of an obstacle course, shimming across wet poles (logs) to cross parts that had washed away, hopping from rock to rock & bog hopping eventually brought me to the road that leads up to the car park near the falls.

A sneaky peak at the falls

After walking up the road a while i stopped for a while and chatted to a outward bound instructor (may not have been outward bound but that sort) she had a group of kids climbing nearby and there was a second group canyoneering (not sure on the spelling) we exchanged pleasantries and carried on up the road


Upon reaching the car park i saw the sign for the dangerous path and thought i must be getting near,after walking along the “dangerous” path for a while it suddenly open out into a cracking valley (or glen as i was later told off on twitter for calling a valley a valley not a glen) and i got my first glimpse of the falls

Steall waterfalls

As i neared the falls i could see that there was a wire bridge crossing the river, after watching a couple of people wobbling there way across (one who could barely reach the top cables) i decided to go for it, it wasn’t as bad as i had expected until i reached the middle, if it wasn’t bad enough that the cable twists under your feet there was also a bit of a breeze so the bridge swayed to the right quite a bit, i eventually made it across and made my way to the falls(which was another boggy experience)

Unexpected surprise
Right here we go don’t fall in
Yay made it over

After taking numerous photos of the falls i made my way back across the bridge (without falling in) and back down the “dangerous” path, this time instead of following the road back i crossed the river and followed a track back to the main road, not wanting to walk the obstacle course of the river again i opted to head up into the woods and made my way back to the campsite that way, it was on this path that i bumped into a guy from Norway who was doing the WHW (might put it on my to do list)

Cracking area to explore
Ok try not to fall over for once


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