High Seat wander

On the fifth day of my break in the lake district i decided to walk to High seat via High Tove again leaving the car at the campsite (spot the theme).

imageDerwent water
Derwent water

After a walk along side Derwent water and a long drag up a road section(past surprise view) i eventually came to the hidden valley that leads to Watendlath tarn. In the valley there seemed to be a large scout meeting.

imageScout camp? Hidden valley
Scout camp? Hidden valley
imageHidden valley
Hidden valley

As i walked along the valley i spotted a Buzzard flying overhead (a bird i have found notoriously difficult to photograph due to focus issues) i got my camera ready and attempted to photograph it. (Decide for yourselves on the result).

imageCracking views
Cracking views
imageHigh Tove
High Tove

Upon reaching the Watendlath tarn i began the long slog (with many false summits) up hill towards High Tove. Unfortunately this is the part of the walk that is a pain, the route from High Tove to High Seat (is it called the pewitts?) is notoriously boggy but i hoped that it would be dry after a dry few days ha! No chance splodge! straight up to the knee, luckily I didn’t lose my trail shoe.

imageHigh Seat
High Seat

After the struggle to High Seat the going was a lot easier and i made good progress to Bleaberry Fell and i stopped a while taking in the good weather and the fine views before heading down to Walla Crag.

imageMore excellent views
More excellent views
imageDem bones dem bones dem dry bones
Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

Upon reaching Walla Crag there was a few Paragliders taking off and as i made my way back to Keswick i could see that quite a few more had joined them.

imageParaglider Walla crag
Paraglider Walla crag
imageMore Paragliders
More Paragliders
imageWalkers reward
Walkers reward


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