A reply to @liziwake’s questions after her nomination for the leibster award πŸ‘

  1. What prompted you to start blogging? Fun.
  2. Describe, briefly, your dream venture. PW
  3. Who is your favourite writer or poet, and why? Spike Milligan, Fun
  4. Travelling on a budget? Or in luxury? Location dependent
  5. Camera or iPhone? Both (android)
  6. If you could invite anyone – past, present or fictional – to share your campfire, who would it be, and why? Spike Milligan, jokes
  7. What has been your most scary challenge? These questions 😲
  8. If you could pick a map of anywhere in the world, which map would you choose, and why? The Peak District, my favourite place
  9. What is the oddest piece of (outer) clothing you’ve ever worn? Friday 13th mask
  10. Training shoes? Or boots? (Contentious, I know!). A combination, inov8 325
  11. If you could take a fantasy creature with you on your travels what would it be? A Dragon

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